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Corporate and private donations are the single biggest income source of our annual budget. The Network relies on the generosity of individuals, congregations, foundations, and service organizations for a significant portion of its budget. Our annual budget of $591,735 does not include the in-kind value of donated volunteer hours, meals, furnishings, and services, estimated at over $500,000.

Our Mission

To coordinate the efforts of participating congregations, social service agencies, and governmental programs in order to provide shelter and other resources to homeless individuals and families and enable those we serve to move toward self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to eliminate homelessness in the urban communities of San Diego County through a cooperative partnership with faith-based communities, related government programs, and social service agencies. The Interfaith Shelter Network does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disabilities in hiring practice or provision of services.

About Interfaith Shelter Network of San Diego

The Interfaith Shelter Network is a collaborative effort by local congregations, human services agencies and government entities to provide shelter, services, and resources to homeless San Diegans throughout the region.

The Network consists of three programs: The Rotational Shelter, El Nido Transitional Living and Rapid Re-Housing.

They represent the work of more than 120 San Diego County congregations and 4,000+ volunteers who link to offer hands up to people seeking an end to their homelessness. Our volunteers and congregations collectively have sheltered more than 9,000 homeless people for more than 230,000 bed nights since 1986. More than half of our shelter guests leave our shelters for more permanent housing because of the professional guidance they receive from our case management agencies and the personal attention they receive from Network volunteers. In our El Nido program, all our families who graduate leave for their own permanent affordable housing, and the majority of mothers leave with increased income and additional career related skills.

How to Help

There are a number of ways to volunteer your services to
the Network, as our needs change rapidly to meet upcoming
challenges. Contact us today and make a difference in the
San Diego community.

To volunteer as a Workshop Presenter, for Office Help,
or for El Nido, please fill out our Volunteer Application

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  • Volunteer in the Shelter

    Volunteer for the Rotational Shelter Program. Most congregations recruit volunteers from within their community, but few turn away willing hands. If your congregation is not part of the Network, contact us, and we’ll try to put you in touch with a “Host” Congregation near you.

  • Workshop Presenters

    The Network provides workshops to our homeless guest on career planning and on budgeting. Often, these volunteer presenters are in the Human Relations or Financial fields, but that is not a requirement.

  • Help in our Offices

    On occasion, we need assistance with basic office tasks or Mailings (labeling, stuffing and sorting); compilation of volunteer packets (involves copying & sorting; Typing); some data entry in computer (instruction/supervision provided); occasional assistance with phones. Familiarity with PC’s on a Windows platform would be helpful, but not necessary.

  • Volunteer for El Nido

    As this is a domestic violence safe harbor program, volunteers must be carefully screened. Help is sometimes needed for respite child care, seasonal events, tutoring (both adults and children), donation pick-up, and transportation, to name a few.