Interfaith Shelter Network’s Housing Assistance program helps those who are currently experiencing homelessness find both short-term and permanent long-term housing or apartments and stay in the new housing units. ISN takes individuals and families primarily from their two programs – Rotational Shelter and El Nido Transitional Living and is privately funded without government grants.

Interfaith Shelter Network’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program provides financial assistance, case management, and other services to prevent families and individuals from being evicted, losing their homes, or becoming homeless.


**UPDATED 11/3/2020**
Interfaith Shelter Network currently has funding to assist residents of El Cajon who are at risk of being evicted, losing their homes, or becoming homeless due to Covid-19. If you are a resident of El Cajon and are facing eviction for nonpayment of rent and/or utilities, please call (619) 702-5399 or email

** We are currently not accepting any new applications. If more funds become available in the future, additional applications may be accepted.  Check back here frequently.

 Summary of Services