Interfaith Shelter Network El Nido DV Transitional Housing Program

El Nido

El Nido DV Transitional Housing Program

The most dangerous time for victims of domestic violence is when they try to leave their abuser.

ISN’s El Nido (Spanish: the nest) transitional housing program provides a safe haven for single women and women with children who are fleeing domestic violence. Program participants partner with a skilled and compassionate case manager to create personalized plans to achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their children.

DV families have complex needs to recover from the ravages of domestic violence. El Nido Program participants receive on-site case management and psychological counseling, financial planning, housing search and life skills classes and referrals to additional services, such as legal assistance programs, medical and dental services, educational programs such as ESL and GED, job training and employment readiness programs.

Survivors recover from trauma, build skills and incomes, and acquire permanent housing for their families. This 12-month program can be extended to 18 months if necessary for successful completion.

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Contact the El Nido office at 619-563-9878

"I had never known anything but violence."

Raised in a violent household, the cycle of domestic violence continued in Gladys’ marriage. After 19 years of fear and violence, during a particularly terrifying episode when she feared for her life, Gladys filed her first police report. After that, it took one year of counseling and support groups for her to leave him.

Walking away with nothing but her children was the most courageous thing she had ever done.

After two months in a secure DV emergency shelter, Gladys and her three children arrived at ISN’s El Nido transitional housing Program. With the help of her case manager, Gladys began to envision and plan for an entirely new life. She and her children attended family therapy and grew closer. Gladys learned to manage her time and money. She found employment as a care giver at a nursing home, and after nine months in the program was approved for an affordable apartment. You can help courageous women like Gladys. Give today.

Gladys smiling with her head tilted to the side like she is saying - finally, we did it, we can live safely