Getting People Housed More Quickly

Part of the new national Housing First approach to helping the homeless, Rapid Re-Housing focuses resources on getting people quickly stabilized in permanent housing. This approach is proven by research to diminish the negative effects of homelessness and remove blocks to addressing longer-term service needs.


By rapidly re-housing individuals and families, we reduce the burden carried by our emergency and transitional shelter system(s) and lower the overall cost of homelessness.

San Diego also benefits from having a healthier, more stable work force, as many of the working poor are at-risk of homelessness.


ISN’s Rapid Re-Housing Program pays for one-time move-in costs (such as security deposits, utility start-up costs, and moving costs) and provides short-term, limited rental assistance to low income households.  For many low income individuals and families, saving enough money to jump these financial hurdles can take months if not longer.

Low-income individuals and families may be eligible for Rapid Re-Housing. Clients are accepted for assistance from the Rotational Shelter program, the El Nido Program, and from our partnering agency, the Dreams for Change safe parking program.

Pull Out: Since January 2014, ISN’s Rapid Re-Housing Program has successfully housed 100 households comprised of 150 individuals.